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Cookie Boy Cookies

Cookie Boy (Cookie Girl, LLC)
Chocolate Chip, Toffee Chip, Raisin
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Energy Cookies
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Cookie Boy Cookies

Backcountry hunting involves preparation, perspiration and burning plenty of calories. Yes, calories. If you are going to burn boot rubber you will need to refuel. Most times I pack in a lunch complete with a couple of sandwiches, energy bars, energy gel, maybe a pack of M&M's and a half gallon of water. Those are usually enough carbohydrates to give me that kick to push on through for a day.  I've tried plenty of different packable snacks and normally it's the same old thing - eat a cardboard flavored energy bar and wash it down with water praying I don't have to eat another one right away to feel full. Sure, the energy bars taste like flavored roughage and don't always hit-the-spot, but you make do.

Recently, I was given the chance to try out the high protein, high energy cookies from Cookie Boy. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, 'Chubbs McQuack, you got to try out cookies? That's like putting raw meat in front of a wolf.' I know, I know. Fat kids, or not-so-fat-anymore I like cookies and given the shot at 'field-testing' them, well of course I would try them out. So for the past few months I have been giving these different cookies a thorough 'test'.

Back in April, when I first spoke with Holly Pack, M.S., R.D, one of the co-owners (along with Anita Cohee) of Cookie Girl, LLC,  I knew she knew her stuff. She is passionate about these cookies and wanting people to get the very best out of them. She's so passionate that the cookies are homemade by she and her business partner and not mass-produced by some company in China. That's some serious dedication if you ask me! When I asked if she sold them by the case her answer was, 'I don't sell the cookies by the case, however you can order as few or as many as you like.' That's understandable seeing as they are made at home, but it might be a huge plus for them if they did. Holly sent me samples of the COOKIE BOY cookie which is 4 oz and 400 calories (That's a serious cookie!) and the ENERGY BOY cookie that  is 2.2 oz and 230 calories.  The large cookies sell for $2.50 and the small for $1.50. Holly had recommended that because the cookies were fresh, and if I wasn't going to eat them right away, to put them in the freezer and that's exactly what I did.

Now I had the daunting task of trying these cookies out. This truly was a dilemma for me because I was trying to lose weight and eating a few cookies like these had to be carefully fit in to my caloric intake. Yeah, yeah, boring stuff, but it's true and that's exactly what I did.

I first tried these out after an arduous workout at the gym. My stomach was feeling super empty and I needed something that would give me that energy kick to level out my blood sugar.  Immediately I thought of the chocolate chip, Energy Boy cookie. It was only 230 calories, but it had the chocolate chips and sugar I needed, plus it was packed with oats which added flavor and texture. Plus, it had NO flour or salt. It was great, but in order to give it the full test I wanted to wait twenty minutes to let it settle in. I really wanted to eat another one because it was so good, but instead I drank a glass of water and hit the shower. Twenty minutes later I felt recharged, the shakes were gone and I felt fairly full. I did feel like I needed more water, which is only natural, so I drank some more. First round complete and the Energy Boy cookie did its job. Nice!

Scouting for bear season can take a lot out of you. It's hot, you have to hike and glass a lot and eating a big lunch isn't something you desire. My hunting partner, Michael, and I hit the trails in search of bear sign a few weeks ago. We had both brought a lunch, but decided to pack in just a few energy gels and a couple Cookie Boy cookies. The combined calories was around 1,000, so we wanted to be sure we worked for them. We hiked all morning, drank plenty of water and around 9am both got pretty hungry. Out came the Cookie Boy cookies. Michael had the chocolate chip and I had the toffee chip. Super moist, tasty and filling. I didn't think I'd be a fan of toffee chip, but I was surprised that it tasted so good. After slugging down some more water we made way back to our vehicle to head home.

By the time we reached the car we felt great. We had plenty of energy and felt pretty full. Both of us didn't want to seem like pigs, so we didn't eat our second cookie. That is, until later. Michael admitted that he ate a second on the way home from my house. I ate my second as soon as he drove away from my place. (They really are that good!)

The ONLY negative thing I have to say about the cookies (as a hunter) isn't about the cookies themselves, but rather the packaging. Not the look of it, but the plastic wrapper that each cookie comes in. The wrapper is extremely noisy! If you plan on doing any stalking, or sitting and need to be quiet I have a recommendation: Put however many cookies you want to eat in a Zip-loc baggie before you hit the woods. It's much quieter!

Let me run down the list of positives for you.

  • NO Flour or Salt. Huge bonus points for this one!
  • They pack well.
  • They come in a variety of flavors (see the website).
  • They taste great.
  • They are filling and packed full of protein.
  • They are moderately priced (compare them to an energy bar)

Overall, I really like these cookies and give them two thumbs up. I will certainly be recommending these to my hunting buddies and blog readers. These are top-notch and perfect for just about any hunt, just watch out for the bears!


Disclaimer: The reviews from The SoCal Bowhunter are solely my honest opinions. These products were either provided to me for the purpose of review or I purchased them myself. I receive no monetary compensation in exchange for these reviews.