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Danner Pronghorn Boots Review

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Danner Pronghorn Boots Review

My first chance to try out the 2011 Danner Pronghorns was during this years Colorado elk season. Without a chance to break them in, I strapped them on for the first time, on day 1 of our hunt. After 16 miles and bull packed out and in the truck on the first day, I had zero issues or discomfort with my boots. I was nervous about not wearing them in before such an arduous hunt, but was thoroughly satisfied with the results.

The back country in Colorado is known for having some of the steepest and nastiest terrain, boots are one of the most essential pieces of equipment a hunter can have. You are literally trusting your life to what is on your feet. After 3 elk hunts and well over 50 miles of boot tracks, they are still as comfortable as the first day I put them on.

During the 3rd hunt, quite a bit of snow fell… close to 18 inches. I wore a light weight merino wool blend sock and only 400g of insulation on the boot. Trudging through all that snow, I was surprised at how warm my feet were staying and how dry. My feet only became cold after I sat for more than a few hours but that is expected with such little insulation and a thin sock. After walking less than 100 ft, they were back to being warm and toasty.

When writing these reviews, I try to be as honest and unbiased as I can, I try to look for things I don’t like and things I would fix… with these boots, I have had a hard time finding anything wrong or even anything that displeases me. The one piece of advice I can give you before buying these or any boots, is make sure you pick the correct boots for your terrain and weather.

Our family has been trusting Danner boots for over 30 years. Team DIY and highly recommend this product.