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G5 Prime Centroid Compound Bow Review

Prime Centroid
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Compound Bow
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G5 Prime Centroid Compound Bow Review

The G5 Prime Centroid Compound Bow is new to me because G5 just recently started building bows and they really know what they are doing. I was invited by the staff over at Archery Outpost in Los Alamitos, CA to come over to shoot the bow, ask questions and do a review on it. How was I going to say no? Before I went over, I wanted to do some research online. I avoided YouTube and other sites doing reviews. I wanted my review to be my own and not influenced by anyone or any company. My first stop was the G5 website to review the specifications on this bow.

Introducing Prime™ and Parallel Cam™ Technology
Prime is a premium bow line by G5 Outdoors that aims to take bow technology and innovation to new heights. Parallel Cam Technology is a breakthrough cam technology that addresses a major issue cams have had until now: cam lean.

The first of its kind, our Forged 7000 series T6 aluminum is twice as strong as the 6061 T6 aluminum our competitors use.

The C-1 cross weft design significantly reduces torsional stresses in the limb, producing improved consistency and accuracy shot after shot.

Our Flexible Titanium cable guard system reduces cam lean by 25% by reducing side load on cables during draw.

Parallel Cam™ Technology
The patent pending revolutionary cam system that conquers cam lean giving you a shooting experience unlike any other.

    IBO (FPS): 332
    AXLE TO AXLE (IN): 34.25"
    BRACE HEIGHT: 7.25"
    DRAW LENGTH: 27" - 31"
    DRAW WEIGHT (LBS):50, 60, 70
    MSRP $999

My first impression of this bow was that it was very balanced in my hand. They did not put a quiver on it, but they had it set up with a sight. It was set at 55# with a 29" draw. Here is a 3 minute clip of me shooting the G5 Prime Centroid.
















The bow shoots incredibly smooth and it is fast! I shot 40 arrows though it before picking my personal bow up to shoot it. What happened next shocked me. I shot my first arrow and the vibration in my hand scared the hell out of me. I looked at my bow to see if something had come apart, but everything was where it should be. I looked to my right and there was Bob, AO staff member, just watching me. He walked on over and he knew exactly what had happened. I described what happened and the shock I felt. He explained that was the EXACT thing everyone he has spoken with has said after shooting this bow. It was a very interesting bit on information.

One of the other things that I was surprised to learn about was the dual cam set-up on the Centroid. This new innovative design was created to eliminate cam lean. I drew the bow back a few times to check on the truthfulness of this claim. I was surprised to see that this was indeed the truth. My personal bow top cam lean to the right. The Centroid cam was fully upright each time I drew it back and shot. Impressive to say the least!

The build of the bow is sleek and sturdy. I really like the feel of it by itself, carrying it around the shop, but also when shooting it. It felt very comfortable in my hands. There was not vibration, no overpowering sound and it felt clean. It's a very forgiving bow that is fun to shoot.

The price tag on this bad boy? Well the MSRP is an astounding $999.00. No, that is not a typo. They want nearly a grand for this bow. Holy Schnikes, right? That's what I had to say because I already own a bow, but if you planned on buying a brand new bow and having it for a long time, this would be a good choice. Would I buy it? If I had a thousand bucks to burn, maybe.


i shot this bad boy yesterday

i shot this bad boy yesterday at Ao with Bob. I was taking a leeson and he wanted to show me the diffrence between my bow 30" axle to axle and the prime at over 34" I was amazed how smooth and powerful this bow was. Im new but it was crazy to see the difference

Great review - thanks!

Great review buddy. I agree with everything you mentioned. I found your review as useful as this one here:

What I learnt from both of these reviews is that this a great and innovative rig with the only major con being its high end price. If only this bow was a bit cheaper (say MSRP of $799) I would buy it without any doubts. 

Forest_Crawler, would you agree that it's a bit overpriced? I mean you are saying you would probably buy it. But would you really? Please share your thoughts! And thanks for a great review.



Getting what you pay for

Hi Shooter. Glad you liked the review. To answer your question, the key word there is 'maybe' and not definitely.  I said "maybe" if I were thinking about buying a brand new bow. If I had a thousand bucks to burn, maybe. That's the truth, but most people, myself included, don't have that kind of cash to burn through. On the flipside, it is still one of the best bows I have ever shot. ambush1 bought one and I have been shooting with him for over a month now. Seeing how the bow performs, even a 60# and how smooth and quiet it is still has me believing it is a great bow.

Personally, I like other bows that I shoot for the price. I also haven't spent more than $500 on any bow as I tend to buy used. That's just me. Do I think it's overpriced? Personally, yes, I think it is very high and I agree with you that if it were lower (even $850 or less) it'd be a better deal. As a lifelong DIY bowhunter I don't have that kind of cash and after a few years I tend to buy a different bow to change things up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and asking questions.

Prime Bow Prices

 Just wanted to let you guys interested in these bows in on a little info. - G5 allows you to purchase the Prime Bows through the mail as long it is from an authorized Prime Dealer.  I purchased mine from a shop in New Hampshire for $ 850.00 shipping included.  Excellent Bow too.