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X-Tacy 4 Finger Review

Hot Shot
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Back Tension Release
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X-Tacy 4 Finger Review

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For some people, this is the only kind of release that works for them, especially to counter target panic problems. A shooter uses the 1st finger to draw the bow then rotates the handle w/ the 2nd, 3rd & 4th fingers until release occurs. During handle rotation, most users install a click setting which indicates release is about to happen. How much rotation (travel) must occur before the click is adjustable. The amount of rotation between click & release is provided by a short, medium or long click delay setting. The ergonomically correct 4-finger handle provides critical surface area under the fingers eliminating pinch points. Thumb post provides an additional grip point & can be placed either side for right- or left-hand shooters, or can be removed. Unique patent pending Bow Tie Moon™ features 3 click speeds or no click. Space age coating & hardening gives incredibly hard working parts surfaces yet no brittleness inside, resulting in incredible durability & smoothness. Comes w/ extra hook placement rubber bands, dowel pins that hold the release to the handle & hex key needed to make trigger travel & click choice adjustments.


I know that this is primarily a hunting website and that probably no one would hunt with a back tension release, however I personally believe that a back tension release has its purpose and place among great archers wether you solely hunt or only do target archery and 3D's or a combination of the three. I participate in a combination of of the three, hunting, target, and 3D.

Hunters and target archers alike all encounter the same problems mentally when shooting. Nerves and nervousness play a factor whether your bearing down on that big buck or trying to make that final shot in front of a crowd to win a tournament. In these moments it is very easy to lose your composure and punch your release or just plain brain fart.

Target panic is also a commonly shared problem between archers that no one seems to have the one cure all for.

For me when it comes to back tension releases I use it to keep my release clean and free of any target panic issues before the panic has a chance of becoming a real problem. When I see or feel that my release isnt smooth or proper and by that I mean my thumb gets jumpy or wants to punch the trigger or sometimes my thumb just doesnt want to push the trigger. This is when I pull out my back tension and practice until I feel I have fixed or figured out the problem. With a back tension release you cant punch the trigger because there isnt one. When shooting a back tension if you are panicking upon release you are going to know it. The proper technic when shooting a back tension is to draw the bow like any other release aid but once at full draw you just keep pulling on the release which in turn rotates your hand arm and elbow until the release goes off. If the release of the arrow surprises you a little then you are doing it right.

Before I started shooting this particular release I decided I was going to use my target bow that is setup for indoor and also decided I would shoot a Vegas round and compare scores with my previous scores shot using my Carter Target 4 thumb release.

For those that dont know what a Vegas round is. It is a round that consists of shooting 3 arrows an end for ten consecutive ends for a total of 30 arrows shot. Each arrow shot is worth a possible 10 points each for a possible perfect score of 300 points. This is shot using the 40 centimeter target face.


After shooting my Vegas round with the Hot Shot X-Tacy I shot a 299 out of 300. Without adjusting my sight or having to make any other adjustments to my bow or arrows my shot was identical to using my thumb release. The release operated smoothly and had a crisp clean release of the D-loop. It was a good experience overall and will definately keep this release in my bag to use in the future along with my thumb release. The only down side i see to this release is eventually I am sure the little rubberband at the jaw will dry rot and have to be replaced so possible maintenance or fixing will be involved as to where my other releas aids are pretty much maintenance free. I would definately reccomend any of you guys or gals giving this one a shot. And the other good news is it is affordable compared to most of the other release aids on the market. This release retails for $117.95 and have seen it as low as $106.00 from