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Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI (Non Insulated) Review

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI(Non Insulated)
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Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI (Non Insulated) Review

I have always used Danner boots and have been happy but never completely satisfied. It seemed that I always had an issue with the full leather uppers that were found on the canadians. When they got broken in the leather around the ankles seemed to fold over and cause comfort issues in that specific area. Also, the canadians are extremely heavy when it comes to putting miles on the feet. I recently went to Colorado for an elk hunt..(don't ask if I killed anything) I had a chance to put the Ken's through hell....Not only were they comfortable and lightweight but they DUG and I mean DUG into whatever terrain I was in. We had rain EVERY day we were there but one and so mud was very common. By using the insole edge of the boot I was able to minimize slipping and navigate the ground safely and with confidence! At a little less than $400.00 they are not cheap but well worth it when it comes to safety and comfort. The Ken's have a rubber protective cover on the leather above the sole to prevent wear and also minimize maintenence. They have softer leather in the ankle region to help promote comfort and the boot forming to the ankle rather than the ankle have to conform to the boot. The lacing system distributes pressure evenly and firmly to all areas of the foot, ankle and lower leg. For those of you wondering how good the Kenetreks are, I say go out and get a will not regeret it!