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Mathews Monster MR6 Compound Bow Review

Monster MR6
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Mathews Monster MR6 Compound Bow Review

Let me start off by saying I am a glutton when it comes to bows and all the stuff that goes along with hunting. I have a Mathews Z7 and a Hoyt Carbon Matrix was recently added to the family too. With my Z7 at 68 lbs and a 28.5" draw length shooting a 474 grain Easton FMJ 340 arrow, I am producing 70 ft lbs of KE. My Carbon Matrix is at 61 lbs and is basically a blind bow (blacked out).

Now lets get to the Mathews Monster MR6. I wanted to take my KE and speed to a whole new level, so I started looking around at different manufacturers and bows. I love Mathews, but obviously own a Hoyt and am not biased to any manufacturer.

I decided to get the MR6 in 80 lbs for two reasons. First of all, at 70 lbs it is shooting a 350 grain IBO spec arrow at 354 fps. By going to 83 lbs and giving up 1.5" in draw length I would be shooting a 415 grain arrow at right around 350 fps while producing 113 ft lbs of KE!!!!! I was sold.

With a trip to Africa and also New Mexico in the near future, I wanted a flat shooting, hard hitting bow. I ordered the bow in January and just got it a little over a month ago. This bow lives up to its name. Mathews has done a great job of improving the draw cycle and noise factor in the Monster line. With the same style gridlock riser as the Z7 line, it is also very appealing.

I was very excited and nervous to see what this bow had to offer as far as trajectory and performance at long distances. It has a 6" brace height, which usually leads to a tougher shoting bow. This was not the case. I put an HHA single pin sight on it and actually had to call HHA and have them send me tapes with smaller gaps because the ones the sight came with were too big. Let me put it this way. My first mark is for 20 yards and if use the same setting at 40 yards, I am shooting only two inches low. Basically, I can use the same pin out to 40 yards.

The blacked out version, with the focus grip and black strings cost $1150. Steep price? Yes! But there is nothing that compares with shooting completely through the same target that my 68 lb Z7 is penetrating half an arrow into. The bow is not as loud as I thought it would be either. If you are the type of hunter/shooter that wants a Monster of a bow, this is it. Fast and extremely smooth for a dual binary hard cam bow! I definitely am happy with my purchase!


Mathews bows rock!

 I agree,mathews produce some of the best hunting and target bows...