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Mr. Heater Buddy Review

Mr. Heater
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Mr. Heater Buddy Review

This last January I was able to use the Mr. Heater Buddy.  I took the heater to Arizona during a December-January Deer and Javelina hunt.  The temperature during the first 3 nights of our hunt was down into the low teens, however inside the tent we were sitting playing cards in a warm 68 degrees.  We were also using a new tent that has the roof jack to install a wood stove but I chose to use the Heater Buddy.  

A few months before the hunt I had been researching new tents and different types of heaters to heat the tents.  I had settled on the Heater Buddy after doing some research on the low oxygen sensor feature and I wanted one. So after Christmas morning, opening presents, I had one in my hand.  I seasoned the ceramic burner plate as recommended and off we went to Arizona.  

I noticed some of the new feature the new models have and like them better than the previous models.  The first change I like was in the LP Propane connection now swivels out at an angle for ease of installing the bottle which makes that process much easier during installation.  The second is the control knob dial and starter sparker ignition are now combined into one dial not 2 separate functions.  We used our heater in conjunction with a 10' hose which was attached to a 5 gallon propane bottle.  We decided on the 5 gallon bottle since we were going to be there for 8 days.  We brought along a Low Oxygen "sensor just in case" but we never had any issues with the unit shutting off due to low oxygen.  We left open the vents on the tent and that seemed to be the ticket in allowing exhaust and fresh air in and dissipating the moisture out of the tent.  

I love this heater and it will now accompany me anywhere I think the temp will drop