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Flip and Zip Outdoor Edge Knife Review

Outdoor Edge
Flip and Zip Blaze
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Flip and Zip Outdoor Edge Knife Review

I am going to tell you this knife is a must for the DIY backcountry hunter.  

I carry 2 knives with me all the time and I really enjoy how this knife allows me to get on the animal and get that skin pulled back in a hurry to start cooling the meat so this is the first knife I turn to.  The unique feature of the knife with its under skin "zip" feature blade is great.  No more spitting your fingers and cutting upward in between them anymore.  The blade allows for the knife to cut from underneath the hair which I have found dulls blades fast.  

I used this knife on a recent combo hunt in Arizona on Javelina and Deer this last January.  The ease of "zipping" that skin open was great.  I like to do the "gutless" method of field dressing animals and this knife works great for this.  This blade combo is perfect for this due to the fact there is no need to gut the animal to quarter it up and pack it out of the backcountry.  No need to break open the sternum or the breaking the pelvis bones while gutting animals anymore, so these 2 blades of this knife are perfect.  Zipping the skin open along the backbone and pulling the skin down to expose the meat quickly was what I like most about this knife.  I start at the back leg and zip it up the back of the leg and in one continuous motion moved up the back bone then across to the front shoulder and down the front leg in less than 15 seconds, it was that quick.  The skinning blade cuts with easy as you break down each quarter into your pack.  The blades are extremely sharp and I used them on both my deer and javelina without sharpening.  

I recommend the Flip and Zip Blaze, which is the orange handled version.  When you are processing your animal losing or misplacing your knife "sucks!"  The orange handle allows the knife to stick out as it sits on the ground.  I was able to break down and load the deer I took in less than 45 minutes.  This knife made processing the animal a lot easier that I have been accustomed to in the past.  I give this knife a thumbs up.