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Piranha Custom Bowstrings Review

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Piranha Custom Bowstrings Review

Originally posted on my blog:

Understanding how important having a quality bowstring on your bow may seem obvious, but please bear with me. Without a quality string and cables installed, your bow it will not perform to its highest potential. Brand new bows have factory strings installed and many archers just leave them on their bow. They are good, but not great. Your best bet is to go to a pro shop and have strings made or find a good string maker on your own. I was fortunate enough to find Eddy Erautt, the owner and string maker at Piranha Custom Bowstrings.

I met Eddy a couple of years ago through and we became instant friends. When he started his company back in 2010, we talked strings and my bow set up. Turns out we were both shooting the same brand of bow and he offered to set me up with a set of strings and cables. I passed at the time because I already had a new set of strings on my bow and liked the ones I was shooting.

In 2011, I purchased a used compound bow and the previous owner explained it still had the original string. Trust me, I could tell. The string, while intact, was frayed and thinner than custom strings I had seen. I went to the range and shot the bow and you could feel how sloppy the string performed and how slow the arrows were flying out of the bow. I called Eddy and he said that the string on my bow was probably only 20 strands. He explained that he uses 22 strands on the string and cable with 24 strands on the split bus cable. By building a 22/24 strand string and cable not only do you get a better, more stable set of strings, but it also eliminates most timing issues. This insures there is no reduction in speed and your bow remains in tune. He then sent me a set of strings and cables to test out on my bow. Now let me tell you, Eddy gets his strings to you quickly. He doesn’t rush the process, but the strings were in my hands in just a couple days.

After having my local pro shop install them, I hit their indoor range. Immediately I noticed a difference in performance. The bow didn’t have the sloppy feel to it anymore and there was a noticeable difference in arrow speed when I shot, too. I locked my peep sight in and the test was on.

Piranha claims that their strings are pre-stretched and there will be no peep rotation. After putting over 600 shots through the bow, I can tell you that statement rings true. The peep stayed where it needed to, no rotation and the strings performed extremely well.

String care is something I preach, as does Eddy. Bowstrings will dry out if you are not careful and he knows this far too well. While he now resides in Colorado, Eddy grew up in Southern California and he knows how the weather, temperature and extended use will affect a string. He also knows quality string making. One thing he explained to before I started shooting was to be sure wax my string after each practice. This has extended the life of my string.

From Piranha’s website: Every string we custom build is pre-stretched to 300 lbs. Using the industry’s leading Trophy Fibers by BCY, along with 3D End Serving, and #62 Braided Center Serving. To provide you with the highest quality bowstring that will last you thousands of arrows. We stand behind our strings 100%, with a NO peep rotation, NO stretch, NO creep, and, NO serving separation guarantee along with a one year warranty on all factory defects.

Piranha Custom Bowstrings also has excellent customer service. Many times I have had questions regarding string, or a bow that needs a new string and even my own bow. Eddy has always picked up the phone or returned my emails promptly. He makes it his goal to be certain that each customer is satisfied with his or her purchase. He cares about the performance of his strings and he’s just a downright nice guy with a wealth of knowledge.

Check out this review in the latest issue of BowAmerica e-magazine for bowhunters.


These are great strings!

These are great strings!


These are by far the best string and cable set I have ever purchased. Not to mention the customer service is outstanding. Eddy is the man!!! Thanks for a great product.