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SABO Gen 2 Holographic Sight Review

Tactical Archery Systems
SABO Gen 2
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Bow Sight
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SABO Gen 2 Holographic Sight Review

I have to admit that lately I have had luck on my side. I was fortunate enough to win the SABO Gen 2 Tactical Archery sight from and was excited to give this a try. I have watched several videos and read up on it quiet a bit, and thought that this looked like an awesome sight to try. When I found out that I won the sight through Win Hunting Gear I was super stoked to give it a shot.





This sight produced by Tactical Archery Systems (TAS) and is a 4-dot holographic bow sight. It uses the US military technology that is used for rapid target acquisition. SABO stands for Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic. It gathers light through fiber optics just like any other sight but the dots are projected onto the lens. The sight doesn't use any electronics but has an option to add an LED light if your state allows it. The dots can be adjusted individually to your desired ranges.


The sight does have the housing that wraps around your bow and the draw back was that I couldn't get it to fit in my Plano Bow Case which was a little difficult for me. Setting that aside I took it out and decided to sight it in. To sight it in for the first time, they suggest you sight the point of the triangle at 10 yards. Once I got that sighted in at 10 yards I started making some adjustments to the dots so they aligned with the long distance line on the lens. 

I then moved on sighting in the first dot at 20 yards. Once that was sighted in I had to grab an extra arrow because I shot one of the fletchings off one of my arrows. I was surprised at how bright the dots were, how easy it was to see how much or little I was torquing by bow, and how quickly it was to locate the target. 

It was getting later in the evening as I moved out to 30 yards and I made some adjustments to the 2nd pin. It didn't take long to get the pin sighted in and this is what it looked like at 30 yards.



I was only able to get the sight honed in out to 30 yards due to the time but was surprised and happy with the way that the sight performed. I thought that the concept of this sight was magnificent. It helped me reduce my hand torque on my bow and to shoot very consistently. 

All in all I thought this sight performed well and had lots of good things. I wasn't a big fan of how it wrapped around my bow and the fact I couldn't use my bow case. I am a little hesitant about using the sight while crawling through the desert, mountains, or other places if the lens gets scratched or cracked. Overall this is a great sight and would work well for archery shoots or hunting by helping eliminate bow torque. I have a peep sight that creeps on my current bow ever now and then and while shooting I forgot to check my peep and noticed it had started creeping because I was more focused on aligning the dots and the picture above was the result.



  • Helps Eliminate Bow Torque
  • The Dots Are Very Bright
  • Locating The Target Was Very Simple And Fast
  • Easy Installation
  • A Peep Sight is Not Necessary (if that's what you're looking for)
  •  Zero Parallax
  • No Pins to Break


  • Different Than Most Sights
  • Personally I Don't Like the Wrap Around Because it Doesn't Fit in My Bow Case
  • Dot Adjustments: It is different then other sights and takes some getting use to.
  • The Lens: This is just a doubt for me but I am curious if it will fog up, get scratched, or possibly break, I haven't had issues but am just curious.


This is a great sight and I think once you get the hang of the sight it would work well for you. I plan on using it more and get the rest of the dots sighted in. I watched a video from the guys at Tactical Archery Systems shooting a beer can out at  100 yards with this sight. I'm looking forward to using this sight more and giving it a more in depth review.