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Vortex Razor HD binoculars Review

Vortex Optics
Razor HD 10x42
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Vortex Razor HD binoculars Review

I feel the two things you cannot cut corners on are boots and optics. Having used Nikon products for the last 15 years, I have seen the evolution of optics. During a recent trip to Colorado, I stopped by the optics department at Bass Pro Shops to get a good comparison. Initially, I planned on getting a pair of Swarovski EL 42's and took a few minutes to look through them. Satisfied with what I could see, as expected, I was convinced that would be my next pair of glasses. Then the salesman suggested I take a look at the Vortex product. I had seen Vortex on TV and online, but never had a chance to put my hands on a pair.

The first thing I noticed was the construction. Very sleek and the focus wheel was large to help deal with the added obstacle of gloves. When I pulled them up and adjusted the focus wheel and diopeter, I noticed both were VERY smooth. Smoothness in the focus wheel is a dead giveaway for a well made binocular, as is roughness to a not so well made pair. When I got them focused, I looked at the same objects I was looking at through the Swaro's. I was surprised to see that the quality was the same and the ability to see the contrast in colors and sharpness was identical. I have 20/10 vision so my ability to compare the two is ample.

When I asked the price I expected it to be around the same $2500.00 that Swarovski demands for their product. $1299.00 was the answer and they are a steal at that. Obviously the quality of the glass it the most important thing, and not only does the Vortex offer the same quality, but they have a way better warranty than Swarovski... lifetime unconditional. Drop em, scratch em, throw em, drive over them... anything you do to these binoculars you can send them back to Vortex and they will fix or replace, NO questions asked. For bird watchers and peeping Tom's the Swarovski warranty will do, but for hunters, it sucks. We beat our stuff up no matter how careful we are. I ordered mine through Randall Limb(Rackman on DIY) at Alaska Guide Creations and received them in two days along with an AGC Bino Chest Pack(see review on DIY) and am more than pleased with the bino's. For all of you that are, or will be in the market for a new set of glass... get some Vortex. Their lower priced lines are great, too!!!!