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Wildgame Innovatons S1 Review

Wildgame Innovations
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Trail Camera
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Wildgame Innovatons S1 Review

First off, I think that Wildgame Innoivations needs to send out an apology for putting junk like this on the market. This camera came in a 2-pack for $80-$90. That is why I bought it. I thought it was a great deal for the price, I couldn't have been more wrong!

Watch the video below and please leave a comment below if you have used this camera.

Below the video are some Trail Cameras that we reccomend and are at a great price.














You can replace the 4 C

You can replace the 4 C batteries with a 6 Volt lattern battery, and get a little over a month out of it. Pain in the butt to mount the battery though!

Maybe thats how they get more

Maybe thats how they get more money out of I have other cameras that will last weeks on normal batteries. The problem with this camera is that sometimes it just shuts down for no reason...why even set it out then? lol


 I was having the same problem the couple times I set it out with the C batteries. The flash takes a lot of juice, and I think the C batteries when low would lose enough charge for the unit to shut down. I have not had that problem since going with 6 Volt conversion. I also started to throw it away, but put a little thought into it and now it is takes some pics. lol

wild game

 Good review, simple and to the point! I was looking at buying these because the price seemed right. I'm glad I read this!

Wildgame Innovations

I sell Wildgame trail cameras at my store. They boast they have the lowest return rate in the business. Well I would like to know where they get their figures from. Of all the cameras we sell, Wildgame ones come back the most defective. I think that speaks for itself....