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Idaho Mule Deer Super Hunt

Season Dates: 

Idaho Super Hunt season start aug 15th 2010 through the end of the year.



After succefully drawing what is known as the greatest tag an Idaho resident can draw , the super hunt, i set my mind on opening day of archery august 15th. I had scouted since July 1st, patterned many deer and studied these animals i would love to harvest with my new Hoyt. The heat waves of an idaho summer can be draining for bowhunters. I would try everyway to slide into position in hopes of getting an arrow off but seemed like my luck was never gonna change, the wind would shift and id watch the buck bounce away. A super hunt to many would mean a chance to rifle a big deer in the best unit in idaho. It didnt mean that for me. I had my mind set on harvesting a muley with my bow and altough tough at times to explain my intentions to my co workers and friends i was not changing my plan for nothing. As august came and went so did some of our heat waves. It was an early september morning i strapped my bow to the fourwheeler and headed for the same draw where a couple bucks we called 'old timer' and 'crabby' lived. I had tried many ways to get in on them but this time i was coming over the top. The wind was good blowing at me pretty hard as i tippy toed in on these bedded deer. I was making everystep count. I seen velvey hangin off a small rack sittin facin down hill. I realized how close i was to this deer. I studied him and came to a conclusion that it was time. I stood and so did he, i buried my pin on where i thought his lungs were and let it fly. It hit him with a loud whack. I watched him fall not far from me. I couldnt have been more pleased. I had him shoulder mounted so i can relive the hunt everyday. diy mule deer