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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt...
  I finally made it back to the midwest to...
Last call.....
word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...

National Bowhunting Championships™ 2011 Rules

Rules are subject to change at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, in order to limit or prevent cheating.  Any changes may be applied retroactively, even if they negatively impact or eliminate one or more members' chances of winning (note: it is not's goal to make this type of change, but the possibility exists).

Any headings in the rules are for convenience only and are not intended to affect the meaning of the rules.

Please see also points and prizes which are incorporated by reference as part of these rules.

The championships will start on March 7th, 2011 and end on December 31st, 2011, starting and ending with the local legal hunting hours in each contestant's location on those days.


Teams will consist of one (1) or two (2) hunters. You do not have to be with your team-mate in order for your harvested animal to count. Example: You can live and hunt in Arizona and your team-mate can live and hunt in New York.  Teams apply to all contests EXCEPT the best gear review contest, which is judged and awarded on an individual basis.

Highest total score contest: the total combined points for the team at the end of the championships will be the team score, and the team with the highest score will win first prize. If there is a tie, the winner will be decided randomly by a computer.  The top three teams with the most points will be awarded prizes. In order to be awarded prizes, your team must havest and submitt a minimum of three(3) animals and/or 24 points.  Please see the prizes and points pages for more details.

Most interesting story or kill contest, and/or most active team contest: winners will be chosen by based on the sole opinion of, though may choose to base the decision on any choice of factors, including the opinion of members.

Biggest Pope and Young Record Book Animal contest: the team with the highest ranking animal will be the winner.  In the case of a tie, the tying team with the animal that is worth the most points will win, and in case of a further tie, the tying team with the most entries will win.  Rank is judged across all animal categories - for example, a #27 world record mule deer would beat a #28 world record bison.

Best gear review contest: winners will be chosen by based on the sole opinion of, though may choose to base the decision on any choice of factors, including the opinion of members.


All federal and state penal code and game and fish department laws and regulations will apply at all times.

All contestants must possess proof demonstrating a valid hunting license and tags (when applicable).

If any contestant is found to have violated any of the contest rules, contestant and contestant's team are subject to disqualification from the contest and may have to return any prizes already awarded, if applicable. reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason.

Game animals may only be harvested with archery equipment. A cross bow is NOT considered archery equipment.

Any contestant convicted of poaching during the tournament will be disqualified along with their team.


Only fair-chase (according to animals are eligible. The only exceptions are hogs, feral goats, and feral sheep.

You must be prepared to show proof of legal harvest (i.e. pictures of tag and/or original tag) for all entries upon request.  Proof must be retained for at least 6 months after contest end.  Winners of any major prize may be required to present ALL original tags for applicable animals submitted as entries. "Pro Staff" are NOT eligible to enter. "Field Staff" ARE eligible to enter.

This contest is only valid for U.S. residents for animals taken in the 50 U.S. states. Any animal taken in another country is not eligible. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age to participate, and all entries must be based on an event which occurred when contestant was 18 years or older.

In order to win, each teammate much accept the rules.


All entries and any parts thereof, or comments/replies to entries, become the sole property of, and you agree that you will obtain and release any rights, title, and interest necessary for ownership thereof to be transferred to (including, but not limited to, instances where someone else took a photo or helped write a story).

All pictures submitted must show the hunter with the National Bowhunting Championships™ 2011 placard (click to download now) in one hand and his/her bow on or near the animal. The entire animal (not just horns and/or cape) and the bow must be in the picture. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES ARE ACCEPTED HERE! THE BOW AND THE PLACARD MUST BE IN THE PICTURE! If either the bow and or placard are not in the picture or are not reasonably distinguishable, then the entry will not count.  Pictures must be unedited except for cropping or operations which affect the entire picture (such as brightness, rotation, color, levels, or contrast).

In order for your harvested animal to count toward your team's points, you must post the picture using the designated contest entry feature of the site (i.e. posts made to the forums will not be counted).

For clarification - NO PICTURE, NO SCORE. Do not take your animal to be processed before taking a picture of it with your bow and placard in the picture. You must post a picture of your harvest to count as scored!

Example of an acceptable photo (this is the only way your photo scores points):
a) photo of bow, entire animal, and hunter in the field with hunter holding placard in hand.
NOTE: This photo can be taken anywhere: in the field, at the butcher, in the back of the truck, etc.

Non-exhaustive list of unacceptable photos (NO POINTS AWARDED for these types of photos):
a) photo of animal without bow or placard or hunter in the same photo
b) photo of just a set of horns or only part of the animal, or a European mount and bow and placard
c) photo of mount from the taxidermist and bow and placard
d) photo of skinned carcass with bow and placard