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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt...
  I finally made it back to the midwest to...
Last call.....
word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...

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Team name: bowkills only
Teammate 1: bowkill36
Teammate 2: Anonymous
Date formed: 4/30/2011
Team name: AKinID
Teammate 1: AKinID
Teammate 2: Anonymous
Date formed: 4/30/2011
AKinID's picture
Team name: Horns Amuck
Teammate 1: Hornaholic
Teammate 2: Jeremy Baler
Date formed: 4/29/2011
Hornaholic's picture
Team name: Get' R Done In PA!
Teammate 1: whitetail101
Teammate 2: Anonymous
Date formed: 4/29/2011
Team name: Jones hunting expedition
Teammate 1: Jonesenfordeer
Teammate 2: fishdude
Date formed: 4/27/2011
Team name: Desert Rats
Teammate 1: CouesTramp
Teammate 2: jamaro
Date formed: 4/27/2011
CouesTramp's picture
Team name: Crimson Dreams
Teammate 1: CarrieZ
Teammate 2: Chico
Date formed: 4/26/2011
Chico's picture
CarrieZ's picture
Team name: Whack 'em and Stack 'em
Teammate 1: idahohunter32
Teammate 2: idahohunter26
Date formed: 4/25/2011
idahohunter26's picture
idahohunter32's picture
Team name: Bethedecoy
Teammate 1: Brandenbowhunter
Teammate 2: bethedecoy
Date formed: 4/22/2011
bethedecoy's picture
Brandenbowhunter's picture
Team name: Team Hoot
Teammate 1: Tuffy
Teammate 2: Hoot
Date formed: 4/19/2011
Tuffy's picture
Team name: " Smoked "
Teammate 1: Bowhuntit-71
Teammate 2: Hooper
Date formed: 4/18/2011
Hooper's picture
Team name: Father and son
Teammate 1: drmkiller
Teammate 2: Anonymous
Date formed: 4/9/2011
drmkiller's picture
Team name: Team DIY
Teammate 1: Eric Welsh
Teammate 2: zslayer
Date formed: 4/2/2011
zslayer's picture
Eric Welsh's picture