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Axcel Armortech 5 Pin .019" Sight.

SKU: Axcelnonhd5

Axcel Armortech 5 Pin .019" Sight.

• Sight Is Reversable! Can Be Used For Both RH And LH Archers.
• Individual Micro-pin Adjustment - Individually Adjust Sight Pins Using Supplied 1/6" Hex Wrench, Turn Micro-adjustment Knob To Move Individual Sightpin Up Or Down.
• True Center Vision T.C.V. Is Provided Due To The "hour-glass" Or "venturi" Shape Inside The Scope Which Supplies A Circular Sight Picture Reference Even When Viewed Slightly Off-center.
• Armor Fiber Technology Provides 100% Protection To Fibers That Are Fully Enclosed Inside Tubing. No Exposed Fibers!
• Black.

Price: $194.95