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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt...
  I finally made it back to the midwest to...
Last call.....
word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...

Hog & Javelina

Monster DIY boar

HI guys

I know its been a while since my last post but I finally got some time off from work and managed to get out after some more pork! I went out to a new area where a close friend had been out a few months prior and seen some signs of pigs and tryed my luck. Took me 4 days to get on the pigs & 2 days to seal the deal but I managed to harvest my biggest boar to date! 

2013 Javi

 Well, I finally have a lil time to log on and see how everyone is doing(been hunting Az like there is no tomarrow) I actually finally broke down a bought a Jave tag this year, usally I dont ever think about it as I am just focused on desert giants. I have to say I will for now on every year buy a Javi tag. These lil guys are a blast to hunt!!

Javelina's Down

As 2012 came to an end, I had one last hunt in Arizona. I figured the mojo was going to keep flowing.  My Dad, my son, and I took off to chase deer and javelina with the bow.  Well, I did get a shot at a nice 4x4. But, as it happens, when I ranged him and when he stopped, it ended up being further than I thought; I shot right under him.  I ranged the rock pile; he had passed at 51 yards but by the time he stopped he was at 73 yards.

2013 Javelina

first day pig AZ!

Big Sow Down

Finally got a couple days off and decided to hit up my usual spots. first day was a bust and didn't see any fresh sings or pigs in general... so I started thinking of where they might have moved to this time of year and checked my logs from previous years and made a game plan for the following day. Woke up drove down to the zone and started hiking to the area I suspected they moved to and sure enough there was tons of fresh signs that they were in the area.

Making Lemonade......

 Making Lemonade……. 

Got another DIY public land hog

Probably the toughest sow I've ever whacked. Patterned her and another sow that were showing up on my trail camera at the same early AM times. Twenty-one yard shot, only went about 30 yards, but she still had some life in her so I added a second arrow to end it. Of course, I was by myself so the drag-out was murder. Her hide was super-tough, made skinning a pain in the butt.

Another DIY Public Land Pig

Might be the smallest (about 95 lbs.), and the ugliest hog I've ever whacked, but public land pigs, in southern CA., are hard to come by so I had to whack it. Took me six and a half weeks to catch up with this one, after using my trail camera to pattern it, and two others it was running with. Made a good 20+ yard shot at a steep angle, put a perfect broadhead pattern on one lung and almost sliced the other one in half. Short 25 yard recovery, back in the truck in 90 minutes. Just in time for a whole roasted pig for the annual 4th of July party.

headed out on thursday

Cab't wait... headed down to the spot where I recently got a bunch of trailcam pics to try to get another hog. with any luck i'll fill 1 of my 2 tags if not both... i'm gonna make an attempt to video the hunt... with me luck

turkey scouting trip turned hog slaying

Went south with my friend stever for a turkey scouting trip and ended up chasing a monster hog. We always bring out bows with us anytime we go out into the field. we have learned this lesson the hard was haha.