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word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...
Here is a pic of my 2015 bear (on the left) and...
Hey all, I am new to big game hunting and i...


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Aaron Fischer
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I am 37 years old a die hard outdoors man. I have been hunting and fishing since I can remember "around five years of age". I am an Eagle Scout and a Navy vet. I love hunting and am a fanatical turkey, deer, and elk hunter. I guide for the KHFAC its an honor for me to take the kids hunting I also take my son a nephews in the woods to hunt, fish, and camp. I personally believe that children and women are the future of these sports and do what I can to help, teach and encourage them to be in the outdoor safely and responsibly 

Gear I use:

any I can get my hands on I will try anything once but I will only suggest to friends things that have past my tough test which is hard core cause I am tough on gear.I have a little bit of every thing from my old military gear to my matthews bow!


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