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Hey all, I am new to big game hunting and i...


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 I grew up with my dad taking me on his hunting trips along with my two brothers. This is where my passion for the outdoors began. My dad bought me my first bow when I was knee high to a grasshopper and from that point on I was out in the backyard shooting at everything from the stray cats to squirrels and grasshoppers. I would practice by setting up targets and trying to sneak into perfect position to take the shot. Needless to say I was hooked on hunting and am an avid bowhunter. Even if I eat some tag soup at the end of the year, the most important thing was that I was out enjoying this beautiful country and doing it all in the beautiful back country of Idaho. I am starting with my son young as well to help him develop the same passion that I have. He is already my hunting buddy at the being just 19 months. He can tell you what an elk says and he loves to watch hunting on TV. I am an avid elk hunter but recently took my first archery antelope and must say that I am hooked as well. There are plenty of great DIY over the counter hunts here in Idaho and I take advantage of all that I can. 


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